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ALL NEW Version of our SwamiVenkatesananda.org site is still under development, but progess slowed during the pandemic. To make things more uncertain, the passing of our webmaster has delayed our progress yet again.  Hopefully, we will have a new version of the website up in the next few months.    

In the meantime, we are making available for you now a number of the recordings of Swami Venkatesananda's talks and informal discussions that have not previously been available until now.  Please bookmark this page so that you can find these talks as they are added during the summer of 2022.  

Western Australia, 1981

Informal Discussion  April ??, 1981:
Investigation and Realization  

Informal Discussion  April 08, 1981:

Informal Discussion  April 09, 1981
Worry About Future Occurances: Fate and Possibility  

Informal Discussion  April 17, 1981

Informal Discussion May 01, 1981
Thy Will Be Done 

Informal Discussion, May 06, 1981  
Pratyahara and Ego    (added here on July 31, 2022)

Informal Discussion, May 07, 1981
Hidden Springs   (added 08-01-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 08, 1981 
Karma & The Usefullness of The Doctrine of Karma  (added August 4th, 2022)

Informal Discussion, May 13, 1981
Watchfullness (added 08-05-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 15, 1981
Gettng In Touch: Self Enquiry & The Difficulties In Observing Jiva’s Nature (added 08-10-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 17, 1981
Judge Not: Judgement, Thought & the Misapprehension of Division (added 08-13-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 20, 1981
Don't Fear The Truth   (added 08-13-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 21, 1981
Beyond The Struggle of Good & Bad Thoughts:
Tranquility, The Sustaining Power of Peace of Mind  (added 08-15-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 24, 1981
The Essence of Everything (Consciousness): Chit-Shakti, The Life Force (added 08-15-2022)

Informal Discussion, May 25, 1981
The Present Is Enough! Replacing Speculation With the Meditator's Clarity (added 08-15-2022)

Sydney, Australia April 1982  
(added July 9th, 2022)
Total Love, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 —  Bhakti, The Yoga of The Divine Love:
     Total Love Part 1    Total Love Part 2
     Total Love Part 3    Total Love Part 4

Informal Discussions, Western Australia, 1982

Informal Discussion, May 02, 1982:
On Being Asked about Non-Attachment

Informal Discussion, May 05, 1982:
Checking on Disharmony - The Yogic Reallignment

Informal Discussion: May 06, 1982:  

Informal Discussion, May 09, 1982:  

Informal Discussion, May 17th, 1982: 
Religious Life & The Spiritual Life - Are There Distinctions? 

Informal Discussion, May 21,1982:
Can We Change Others?

Informal Discussion May 21, 1982 (afternoon):
Defusing Gender & Other Supposed Differences

Informal Discussion May 21, 1982 (evening satsang):
Being an Instrument in the Hands of God: The Correct Karma Yoga Spirit & Attitude

Informal Discussion May 22, 1982:
What Makes Changes In Our Lives 

Informal Discussion May 22, 1982:
A True Devotee

Informal Discussion May 23, 1982:
Pentacostal Baptism & Enlightenment

Informal Discussion May 27, 1982:   
Observation  vs Thinking, Free Will vs God’s Will

Informal Discussion, May 28, 1982:   
On Renunciation

Informal Discussion, July 2, 1982:
Can You Know That You Are Englightened? 

Informal Discussion, July 9, 1982
Human Love and Divine Love, Are They Different? 

Informal Discussion, July 14, 1982:
Pratyahara - The Senses, The Sense Organs & Vichara

Informal Discussion, July 15, 1982
Pure & Impure Food - Physical, psychological, Spiritual

Informal Discussion, July 16, 1982
From Dolphins to Enlighenment 

Informal Discussion, July 17, 1982
Experience, The Experiencer & The Truth

Informal Discussion, July 23, 1982
Subjectivity, Objectivity, Opinion & The Truth

Informal Discussion, July 28, 1982
Am I The Body?

Informal Discussion, July 30, 1982
In The Guru's Shadow

Informal Discussion, August 01, 1982
What Is Faith?

Informal Discussion, August 04, 1982
Freedom (From Ideas) & Enquiry 

Informal Discussion, August 6, 1982
Dealing With Your Own Foolishness

Informal Discussion, August 8, 1982
Plagued By Wanting What Others Have & Wanting To Control Others

Informal Discussion, August 13, 1982
Parents, Children & The Question of Responsibility

Informal Discussion, August 15, 1982

Informal Discussion, August 28, 1982
Booked For Enlightenment