Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 2 - The Play of Cosmic Forces

October 17, 2020

Play of Cosmic Forces

Swami Venkatesananda     We are normally unaware of the cosmic being whom we call God. But we are aware of cosmic energy. It is this energy that creates, sustains and brings about changes and thus maintains the cyclic process. These three functions are attributed to aspects of one indivisible cosmic energy. Energy, by its very nature, is dynamic, moving, flowing and ever-changing, without ever undergoing a change in its nature as energy. The source of this energy is visualised as Durga. When the energy, by an infinite process of combination and recombination, brings about the infinite variety of beings and objects of this universe, we call it Lakshmi. One who recognises this treats everything with respect. He gains wisdom. Wisdom is Saraswati.

     Thus, when this energy flows, there is unity in diversity, prosperity under all conditions, and wisdom which is Self-knowledge. Self-knowledge reveals the divine ground of the infinitely diverse phenomena. However, built into all this is a mysterious potentiality of ignorance. As the beautiful story in The Kena Upanishad tells us, even the gods fall victim to this mysterious ignorance; and the individual who is but an integral part of the movement of total energy, thinks that he is an independent doer of actions. Pride enters into him. When this perversion arises, the cosmic balance is disturbed and there is conflict. Even this conflict is a mere play of cosmic forces from God's point of view. For, nothing can be outside of Him.

     However, from the relative point of view, there certainly is conflict - and the conflict is between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. In this conflict they who turn to the divine for grace and help are the beings of light. The aggressor performs this signal service to the humble by humbling pride and directing the heart of the humble towards God.

    In response to heart-felt prayer, the divine manifests again and again, when and where help is needed. Everyone within the field of the divine influence is redeemed - the saintly and the sinful, for energy is one and divine. All life is divine. All beings are cells in the body of one God.

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