Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

From Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Direct Experience Of Meditation

February 14, 2020

Direct Experience Of Meditation

     “I am neither mind nor body. Immortal self I am”. This is a direct experience of meditation, not just a formula or an intellectual or rational conclusion.

     In meditation, you realize that the body is only a cloak. You wear it in order to express your nature and to gain some experience, just as an actor or actress wears a costume during the drama. Even the life-force of the vital sheath is not the self. It is energy that animates the body and that is all.

     Within the body, the thinking principle or the mind directs the life-force to animate the body. Mind is guided by the discriminating intellect in its choice. The individual soul is the boss of this illusory performance.

     The soul itself is nothing more than a reflection of the self, the sole reality which is indwelling omnipresence. It is in you but not confined to the individuality. It gives reality to the entire personality.

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