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Insights and Inspirations - The Embodiment of Wisdom

December 8, 2021

 The Embodiment of Wisdom

    Raga-dvesha means attraction and repulsion, love and hate, like and dislike. This necessarily depends upon the feeling 'I am this body' or 'I am this personality'. You cannot say that raga-dvesa is independent of the 'I am the body' idea - the cause is in the effect, the effect is in the cause. When the 'I am the body' idea is absent, for instance in sleep, there is no raga-dvesa. So, this unwisdom or non-philosophy gives rise to the ignorant feeling 'I am the body'; that extends itself into 'I like this, I don't like that' - and all that it involves.   One of Swami Sivananda's oft repeated declarations was: "The world is nothing but raga-dvesa. Remove raga-dvesa, there is no world." When He said this, there was light. All this seems to be very simple and very easy if you merely listen to the words and indulge in hallucination; or it seems to be impossible if you suddenly become too serious and visualize the application of these truths and their consequences. This is because we tend to put the cart before the horse. It is impossible for us to realize that these things are possible unless we come face to face with someone who is an embodiment of this wisdom we are talking about.

     Such a one was Swami Sivananda. If you had lived with Him it is quite possible that you might even have misunderstood that ambition, hope, was His driving force, that He was always working towards a goal that He hoped to reach - to have a huge ashram, to be known throughout the world, and so on. But if you knew Him intimately, if you were able to observe Him without projecting your own infantile philosophy upon Him, then you could see that His action was pure action. It was not motivated by fear and therefore there was no hope at all.

     He wasn't afraid to fail, He was not afraid that His mission would fail. There was no fear in Him at all. Fear leaves you if there is no hope. Hope does not arise if there is no fear (they go together). He had no fear and therefore did not hope that this would happen or that would happen.

      In Him there was no fear and no hope, no hate and its counterpart of love. His love was something quite different. His love arose in the supreme wisdom of the recognition of universal oneness.

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