Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Looking For A Scapegoat

September 26, 2021

Looking For A Scapegoat

     What is happening within me, as I demand, "Tell me what I must do?" I'm uncertain, not quite sure what to do, and I am too lazy to find out for myself what I should do. But even more important, if something goes wrong, I'll hold you responsible.

     If I make the decision myself and something goes wrong, I've no one to blame. When we ask someone else to make up our mind, we are literally looking for a scapegoat. If anything goes wrong, I can say, "He told me to do this, he misled me." But if it turns out well, I say, "What a wonderful person I am. Of course, he gave me the suggestion and advice, but that was not important, it was all my doing."

     It is here that we have to be alert and vigilant - and this is what nobody wants. When asked, "What must I do?" if I am a wise person, I will follow the example of Christ, Krishna, Buddha, etc. and say, "I have told you what I consider to be right, but you must make up your own mind." Because, even in our day-to-day affairs, certain things are continuous, recurring, and certain things are not, but appear fresh. These we have to face afresh ourselves.

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