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Swami Venkatesananda & J. Krishnamurti


J. Krishnamurti and Swami Venkatesananda were close friends for many years, and it remained so until the end. This lifelong friendship may surprise some, but not those who are familiar with these two teachers and their respective missions. For both sought to clarify that it is the responsibility of each individual to become a light unto himself/herself; and that it is senseless and useless to lay that responsibility at the feet of others. Both attempted to shed light on the total uselessness of a conditioned mind, and both attempted to shed light on how we, as human beings, might find a way to become absolutely and unconditionally free. There were certainly more similarities between them than there were differences, and it seems, they both had the presence of mind to recognize the bond that connected them as "brothers."  It was no surprise then to see them laughing as they together sat arm in arm, feeling the strong bond of their spiritual kinship.
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