Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

From Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 - Mind Over Matter

February 13, 2018

Mind  Over Matter

     Someone sees the truth. The new infection spreads. A new wave sweeps the world. The materialist is looked down upon and condemned as a terrible monster. The holy war is on. People run away from the “world”, and there is open rebellion. Mind denies matter.

     Truth languishes in between the two camps. We have the factories, the planes, the radios, television and the motor cars. Time will replace them with something better or worse. But we cannot deny their existence. And they in themselves do not constitute a threat to spiritual truth. A motor car is a cart with a mechanical horse! The need is for the driver to preserve his spiritual values, to enthrone humanity in his own heart and to search for ways and means of expressing that humanity in the altered material conditions. Then he will give a lift to a friend instead of running over a pedestrian!

     Mind over matter triumphs. Nature is conquered to serve man. Machines roll, obeying the spirit that enlivens the hand that presses the switch. The workers are happy for they serve man. The producer sleeps peacefully when love of the workers and the welfare of society sing the sweet lullaby of divine life in his ears. Let us pray for such an evolution.

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