Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1. — Experience & Expression

July 17, 2018

Experience & Expression

      When the movement of cosmic energy passes through this thought "I am", as it were, the "I am" experiences it as an experience at the receiving end, and as an expression at the giving end. This is very much like the broadcasting station relaying an overseas broadcast: the local station receives and transmits.

      Having thus divided such movements of energy into experiences and expressions, the I-am thinks, "I am the experiencer" and "I am the doer of actions". Soon, these two ramify into countless divisions and subdivisions of experiences and actions.     

      When in meditation it is directly realized that there is only one truth, and that that is movement of energy in cosmic intelligence, the false ego vanishes, and with it the division that it created. There is pure experiencing alone, and that itself is pure and spontaneous action.

     This is liberation. The cosmic intelligence is liberated from the false ego-sense and its own creatures, which are pain, sorrow, suffering, etc. The movement of energy in cosmic consciousness or God is both pure experiencing (which is bliss) and pure spontaneous action (which is love).

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