Daily Readings from the Works of Swami Venkatesananda

Venkatesa Daily Readings Vol 1 — Fixing What's Gone Wrong

April 21, 2018

 Fixing What's Gone Wrong

   Why are goals mentioned in the scriptures? They are not goals but landmarks. The scripture says that if you practice yoga you will have peace of mind; peace of mind is not your goal, it is a landmark. If it is not there then your practice is wrong. You have missed out on something.

      All the techniques, all the mantras, all the rituals are given in great detail in the yoga texts, and then there is a tail-piece; that there is a secret which must be learned from a guru. There is no secret. When you go to a guru he is going to repeat the same thing all over again. But he is there to tell you when something has gone wrong, what you have omitted to do, the reason why the whole thing has gone wrong.

      It may be as simple as this; instead of sitting upright for your meditation, probably you are slumping. Three hours later you sit up and wonder why there is no peace of mind and no bliss experience, and also there is a bit of stiffness in the back. It is nothing. It is absolutely simple, and the great and tremendous secret which you have learned from the guru is that you have been sleeping.

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